Welcome to REPTO Education Center (v2.0)

Getting Your Certificate

We're proud to tell you that REPTO - Education Center offers a verifiable certificate of completion or certificate of excellence for all of our Pioneer Courses. You can display your certificates anywhere you want, including uploading it automatically to your LinkedIn profile so potential employers can verify the skills you learn here. You also can print out your Certificate by yourself or you can get the Real Certificate on your hand by Courier Service anywhere in Bangladesh. Certificates include a verification code and link by which any one can verify your overall details of that Certificate.

Certificate of Completion Process
  • You must have viewed all course videos and attend all the quizzes. (this will be verified by the REPTO - Education Center Certificate Verification Team and the Instructor of the course)
  • As soon as you complete 100% of a Pioneer Course an email you will be sent to you, asking whether you want a verified Certificate or not.
  • Allow up to 2 business days for processing - Your certificate will arrive via email, and you then request back if you want the certificate in other formats.
  • Log into your certificates account and add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile