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Augmedix Medical Scribing Online Course

This course will enable you to attain sustainable knowledge and skills regarding the basic Scribe Training Program. You will gain in-depth knowledge regarding Medical Terminologies, conversion of layman terms into Medical terms, and get a comprehensive En

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instructor Augmedix
Category Academic
Students 869
Duration (10.1 Hours)
Course Level : intermediate

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Course Guideline

Written Content Source File: http://bit.ly/2IJ8rg9


The following chapters from the Legacy curriculum are described in the course:

Chapter-1: Basic word structure

Chapter-2: Pertaining to the body as a whole

Chapter-3: Suffixes

Chapter-4: Prefixes

Chapter-5: Dermatology

Chapter-6: Digestive system

Chapter-7: Endocrine system

Chapter-8: Female Reproductive System

Chapter-9: Hematology

Chapter-10: Lymphatics

Chapter-11: Male Reproductive System

Chapter-12: Musculoskeletal system

Chapter-13: Nervous system

Chapter-14: Oncology and Radiology

Chapter-15: Pharmacology

Chapter-16: Psychiatry

Chapter-17: Respiratory system

Chapter-18: Urology

Chapter-19: Cardiology



1. Language and Communication

2. Sentence Formation

3. Nouns

4. Pronouns

5. Verbs and Verb Tenses

6. Subject and Verb Agreement 

7. Modifiers: Adjectives, Adverbs, and Articles. 

8. Prepositions 

9. Conjunctions 

10. Interjection

11. Punctuation




Typing basics and keyboard shortcuts


Career Guideline

Augmedix offers a very steady and lucrative career growth.

Please find the career progression along with time duration:

Pre-AST trainee (8 weeks) - AST trainee (12 weeks) - DR - Implementation - DA - Senior Scribe - Team Leader/Quality Specialist/Trainer - Manager

Course Requirement

The course requires the incumbent to possess a moderate English comprehension skills.

Candidates must have good listening skills, multitasking abilities and decent typing skills.

Graduates from any discipline can enroll in the course

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